Katie Krabbenschmidt

Speech Pathology 

Augmentative & Alternative Communication


Speech and Language Professionals

Expert Therapy - 40+ years of experience

Experience with all types of pediatric speech and language disorders

Experience with all types of disabilities ranging in ages birth to 25 years old.

Proven success with requests for funding Speech Generating Devices


Location: the Natural Environment

Speech and Language therapy in your child's natural environment ----


private daycare - preschool

private school setting


community setting

Our Therapy Services

Therapy -Training - Consultation - Collaboration

Parents, Family, Caregivers, Others Trained

Therapy and Intervention occur daily through natural activities 

Training on-site with real life contexts

Articulation, Apraxia, Language Expertise

Practice learning to speak

Practice speaking

Practice putting thoughts into words

Practice where speech and language is used

Learn the power of speaking and using words

Augmentative & Alternative Communication - AAC

Consultation and training for professionals, teachers, and parents -


Using a variety AAC interventions

Daily practice using AAC interventions 

Understanding Speech Generating Devices - SGD

Requesting SGD from Insurance and MediCal 


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Speech/Language and AAC Consultants

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