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Speech and Language Professionals

Over 40 years experience working with all types speech and language issues and etiologies. 

Specializing in augmentative and alternative communication assessments and interventions. 

Expert Therapy

Unintelligible child?  Articulation issue?

Is your child anxious about speaking?  Does your child have issues that limit their speaking abilities or are make speech challenging for them?

There are therapy resources to help!

See the Difference

Efficient, Effective, and Appropriate communication for everyone is our goal.

The individual, their emotions, motivation, and their connection with others is the focus of our therapy.

Our Therapy Services

Featured Service #1

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) assessment and intervention in the child's natural environment.  Training for those that support the child.

Featured Service #2

Speech and Language services provided in the child's environment and training for those around the child to support the child's speech & language development through typical daily activities.

Featured Service #3

Consultation and training for professionals, teachers, and parents in assessing and providing augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) assessment and intervention.  How to write a successful MediCal Speech Generating Device (SGD) request.


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